+ Business Development

We assess markets, profile rivals, craft strategies, clarify visions, build plans, position products, accelerate sales, and streamline operations.

We help design, create, price, launch, position, test, and evaluate new products and services.

We assess targets, prepare business cases, negotiate deals, integrate businesses, and reposition business units.

We create productive relationships between our clients and their customers, suppliers, channel partners, employees, and investors.

+ Competition

+ Innovation

+ Acquisition

+ Alliance

We are business development consultants: we help build businesses by unleashing the potential of people, technology, and innovation. Across a range of attractive, volatile industries, BDG helps clients clarify their business insights, and marshal the resources and relationships needed for success. We practice the four disciplines of business development:





Our mission: understand the customer, and help our client organize and innovate to profitably deliver the specific performance the customer seeks.

Our mission: identify the preemptive positions in the market, then help our client occupy and hold them, in spite of rivals.

Our mission: identify and help realize timely and valuable investments and deals, then make the most of them within our client's going concern.

Our mission: strengthen bonds of commerce and trust with our client, and then use these bonds to mitigate risks and provide unusual returns.