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+ About Craig Boice   

BDG is led by Craig Boice, who co-founded BDG in 1983. Earlier, he held senior posts with Coopers & Lybrand in Washington, D.C. and London; was an Economist with the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation; and served as Vice President - Operations for the International Licensing Network, Ltd., a technology management firm.

Craig earned his Master's degree in Management (MPPM) at the Yale University School of Management, serving as a Teaching Assistant in Finance. Earlier, he earned his M.A. and M. Phil. in Philosophy, the Jacob Cooper Prize in Classics, and the Prize Fellowship for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from Yale University. Born and raised in Oregon, Craig received his B.A. summa cum laude in Economics and Philosophy from Beloit College, where he won the Wall St.Journal Prize in Economics.
Business development has taken us across industries, and around the world. We helped build a new telecommunications industry in the 1980s, first with AT&T, the Baby Bells, and independent telcos  --  and then across the new cellular and data providers. In the 1990s, we helped establish the alternative power industry across solar, wind, geothermal, storage, and biomass, in North America and overseas. At the turn of the century, we introduced Total Quality Management (TQM) to the strategies, alliances, and operations of pension funds, asset managers, and major banks  --  including pioneering work in socially-responsible investing.

 Ten years ago, we began to explore the Internet of Things, working with utilities, communications firms, device manufacturers, and software providers, to unleash the power of data and analysis. Our work continues in all of these industries, and others, as we build businesses. Today, BDG is a network of veteran consultants and technical specialists we have come to value across the last 35 years. Our assignment teams often include a range of experts we involve to best serve our clients.