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If you're helping to lead a new venture, you're aiming to capture initial market positions, build capabilities, create positive cash flow, and attract capital. Your resources are few, so your insight has to be special. You have to take the right risks, one after the other. Your consultant is experienced, affordable, and practical.  If you're a venture investor, your portfolio always needs better insight, partnerships, and execution. You don't have much time to monitor any individual investment. Your consultant can size up a situation quickly, and show you and the management team how to master it.  You need BDG.

If you're a corporate executive or manager, you have big ambitions, but limited resources you can apply to business development. You need to understand an opportunity, prepare a strategy, persuade your peers that the opportunity is worth pursuing, assemble  resources, and execute your plan. Once your plan is launched, as you learn more about your customers, competitors, and your own company, you need to adapt rapidly, . Your consultant helps you with all these tasks, as an individual or advising your teams. Your consultant is a senior, respected veteran who guides dialogue among executives, and motivates your staff by working the long days and nights with them. You need BDG.

If you're helping to lead a policy, regulatory, or program initiative on behalf of a federal, state, or local government, you need a consultant who understands how to design and manage projects: the plans, the people, the numbers, and the changes. Your consultant has experience in public and public/private projects, understands how the public and private sectors differ, and has learned how they can best work together. Your consultant appreciates the proper roles of government in economic development, and know how to balance the interests of diverse stakeholders. You need BDG.